• Tap the screen to flip gravity, thereby moving Wolfgang up and down the screen.
  • Avoid touching the red obstacles!
  • Tap repeatedly with good timing to make Wolfgang hover in mid-air! This is an important technique to master!
  • You can glide against white obstacles. But be careful, if you get crushed from the front, you will still lose!
  • A challenging boss awaits you at the end of every level! Don't drop the ball!
  • Teleport directly to unlocked levels from the first level by moving into the portals.
  • Most obstacle courses can be beaten in different ways. Be creative!

Power Ups:

  • Power-ups are unlocked when you reach a certain high score and remain unlocked forever. They can help you get through a tough obstacle course but are never required.
  • Tap on a power-up to use it. It only lasts for a short burst of time and needs to recharge after each use. Flashing indicates that the power-up effect is about to expire.

Mini Square

Mini Square lets you squeeze into tunnels and crevices that are only one block wide, thereby providing an alternative (and often easier) path through an obstacle course.

Pink Square

Pink Square neutralizes all red obstacles and makes them safe to touch as if they were white obstacles. This will open up easier paths through an obstacle course.

Super Square

Super Square makes you giant and invincible! Crush through your obstacles and hear them squeal! This is a guranteed way to get you past the obstacle courses that are giving you a hard time.

The Super Square can be purchased from inside the App for immediate use. Simply tap on the gold-colored lock on the starting screen or game over screen. Once purchased, it can be used an infinite number of times. (It still needs to recharge though!)


  • 1 point for each obstacle in 1st level, 2 points for each obstacle in 2nd level, and so on.
  • 5 points for 1st boss, 10 points for 2nd boss, and so on.


  • After you beat the main game, you will unlock Endless Mode, which is an infinite sequence of random obstacles and boss battles. Shoot for the high-score and challenge your friends!
  • Click on the score counter to pause the game and take a toilet break!